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We consider it necessary to avoid the construction of the Tartu Central Park and instead offer an alternative solution on how to preserve greenery and create a favourite place for the residents of Tartu in the centre of the city in a radically different way. Life must be brought to the park as well as people through a new concept and activities. The implementation of the concept of Central Park 2024 largely depends on political decisions, but mainly on the choices of the residents of Tartu residents and what they really want to have in the centre of Tartu! You can express your support here:
Yes, of course. All suggestions are welcome at and will be taken into account in furthering the concept of the park.
From the city budget, however, at the same time supporters are also sought from the private sector. There are plenty of examples from around the world where city parks are named after a private company or supporter. Why not even set up a support fund for the development of the central park, where everyone can give their support if they wish?
All potential attractions/activities in the central park can be found here: The concept of the central park considers the opportunities of the residents of Tartu to combine work and leisure. The Central Park must be a place where it is possible to come to spend more time with the family, but also to take a quick break for a business meeting.
The cost of the concept and construction of the Central Park 2024 is estimated to be one million euros and the length of construction after design will be seven months.